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superannuationSuperannuation is extremely confusing and complicated.

However, it is essential to ensure you have a retirement lifestyle that is comfortable.

We can help you understand your super, whether it is a self-managed super fund, industry fund or public offer fund.

Keep an eye out for our seminars on Superannuation, where we demystify the process and help you to get your finances in order. Or call us to book an appointment with one of our specialist Financial Planners on (02)8814 7307 or Contact Us here.



How we help you?

Here at Balance Financial Solutions we want you to understand Superannuation so you can make an informed decision about your super. There are many misconceptions, and numerous people who have lost money due to con artists and misleading advertising. We want to you to have a good understanding of how your superannuation is working so that when the time comes you can retire in comfort.

Call us to book an appointment on (02)8814 7307 with one of our specialist Financial Planners.

You may be pleasantly surprised how we can improve your Superannuation.

Superannuation in Australia

superannuation in australia

Australia has a government supported system for employees where the employer is required to pay a percentage of an employee's salary or wage. As of the 1st of July, 2014 this amount is 9.5%, this amount is due to step up gradually until it reaches 12%.

You may not be aware that employers in Australia are now required to contribute their compulsory superannuation into an authorised MySuper product. This is designed to make sure the super fund was fairly simple, only charging standardised fees and a singled balanced investment option.

Aussies are encouraged to make extra contributions to their Super Fund. This is to help ensure that we all have enough super to live on when we retire. However, knowing whether your super fund is working for you, whether you should be in a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) or how much you should be contributing is where the issue becomes more complex.

There are certain tax benefits for contributing extra funds to your Superannuation Fund.

Since 2003 we have had a co-contribution scheme which helps lower income earners make extra personal contributions. Depending on your income the government makes a payment when you put extra into your super fund. These laws have frequently changed over the past 10 years, so it is worth getting expert advice on how this would work in your situation.

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You don't need to navigate this alone!

Call us to book an appointment with one of our specialist Financial Planners on (02)8814 7307 or Contact Us here.





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